Conversations Corner

Roasting Fish & Breadfruit

Welcome to our Conversations Corner

We introduce you to ‘Roasting Fish & Breadfruit’ a theme that is built on the shared tasks, step-by-step process, and the balance of heat and time to get the breadfruit and fish just right. It builds on Caribbean traditions during which family and/or friends discuss the issues of the day.

Around this virtual conversation fire, we will explore the factors that drive, spur, include and deter women's leadership as well as what more is needed to reach the goal of inclusive and just societies.

Women and young girls have been amongst some of the most adversely affected during and by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic, though, comes on top of many other challenges that are shaped by cultural and social norms, beliefs and stereotypes that inhibit women's access to and control over resources and services they need to fully participate in society and live fulfilling lives. Too many women, even in the richest and most developed societies, do not have access to the quality services and resources that are essential to the development of any human being.

With this said, there have also been considerable strides made by women the world over- even in societies that do not prioritize women and their social and environmental rights. We have seen women rise up, enabling the voices of those who live on the front lines of environmental change, to share their stories on how the changing climate is both challenge and opportunity, for safe and secure water access and against pollution and disease.

Little of this happens without leadership and coalition-building. Networking their social capital has allowed women across various communities to engage and exchange ideas, build bigger networks and grow resources in order to grow themselves, their businesses and their communities.

SAEDl Consulting (Barbados) Inc supported by No-Line Communications of South Africa, is proud to announce a series of conversations on Gender and the Environment that will continue the commemoration of International Women's Month. Every 2nd Tuesday, two months apart, starting from April 2021, we will gather with women leaders to discuss new ideas on topical issues.

In addition to our webinars, SAEDI Consulting (Barbados) Inc is proud to introduce our Roasting Fish and Breadfruit Podcast Series. Podcasts will be posted every Friday. With a wide range of topics and guests, we look forward to gathering on our virtual couch to have candid conversations, exploring different perspectives, stories and experiences on gender and environment.