Gender Matters in the Adoption/Use of Climate-smart Digital Technologies

  • Friday, March 12, 2021

9 March 2021, Leisa Perch presented on 'How to ensure the integration of gender dimensions in the adoption/use of climate-smart digital technologies'. This is part of a current contract with FAO Caribbean for the next few months. She will also do be doing a session next week as part of Module 3 where checklists for mainstreaming gender will be discussed. It was an exciting opportunity to apply a gender lens to such a dynamic area of work and social experience.

The workshop was an opportunity for SAEDI to also launch one of its newer illustrations on the multiple and intersecting roles that women play. Participants were asked to consider which of these roles would be impacted by climate change. In reality, there is likely to be a ripple effect resulting in all of these activities/being affected one way or the other, by climate change and weather variability.

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