• Wednesday, June 23, 2021

SAEDI is pleased to announce the addition of two associates to our team. Sara Lavell and Adrian Bynoe. Sara will be supporting the research team while Adrian will lead on social media and content for our website.

Sara's Bio

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Sara has approached her professional path from different yet complementary angles regarding local development. As an undergraduate Geography student, she was particularly interested in merging travel with non-formal education.

A decade since, she has been engaged in different responsible and educational travel programs for different organizations in unexplored communities and emerging destinations in Central America and the Spanish Caribbean. This opened the opportunity to experience the international cooperation work field, and join the US Peace Corps as a Program and Training Assistant in her country and get involved in different participatory socio-economic processes at the local level.

Looking to understand environmental and sustainability governance Sara assisted international consultancy on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change adaptation for seven years, before moving to Madrid, Spain, with a government scholarship to study a Master's in Tourism Intelligence and Online Marketing.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic paused her original plans, this has been an opportunity for her to reflect on the mirror effect the virus has had on societies and systems, the need to rethink development in general and take collaborative actions to push forward education, responsible tourism, and territorial resilience.

Adrian's Bio

With the love of computers and art, Adrian started designing Birthday and Christmas cards for family and friends. After many months of designing, he was convinced that being a graphic designer was his career path. He then went on to pursue formal training and undertake an internship to better qualify himself as a graphic designer.

Adrian then started a printing and graphic design studio in 2010 and transitioned to mainly graphic design as the printing industry became more saturated. His portfolio includes work for Barefoot Meetings & Incentives, the Barbados Light Aeroplane Club, Executive Air Airlines, Island Magic Barbados, Red Rock Investments Inc and many other companies, churches and individuals.