Still Black Womxn Rise Podcast

  • Sunday, April 10, 2022

'Still, Black Womxn Rise' (SBWR) is about centering the voices and unique intersectional experiences of Black womxn in the 'aid/development/humanitarian' sector. The show is hosted by Maimouna Toliver, whose successful career in the 'aid' sector has focused on advancing issues of gender equity and social inclusion.

Each week, the podcast welcomes Black womxn who will share personal stories around a variety of issues from colorism, to sexual orientation, to feminism, creating a safe and supportive platform for black womxn working in the non-profit/humanitarian sector to share their personal experiences of discrimination in the workplace.

With unique contributions from Chinonye Donna Egbulem (Chi Chi) and Rosebell Kagumire, the podcast raises valid critiques of the ways in which gender equality has been singled out from other injustices (like racial injustice) in the global development sector.