Leisa Perch co-panelist for the inaugaral CW4CJ virtual conference

  • Tuesday, April 19, 2022
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc is pleased to be a co-sponsor of the inaugural Caribbean Women for Climate Justice (CW4CJ) virtual conference and to announce that our CEO and founder, Leisa Perch has been invited as a co-panelist for this event hosted by The Climate Conscious Podcast and The Breadfruit Collective.
Caribbean women and girls face layered impacts of climate change. Caribbean women are confronted with the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States in addition to their lived experience of gender inequality. Gender inequality continues to be a major concern in the Caribbean, with women and girls being highly susceptible to gender-based violence and socio-economic imbalances.
As a result of climate change, women and girls face unique disadvantages, therefore it is important to centre their voices in all key decisions, policies and strategies. Adapting to climate change is paramount for the region. It is even more important that all adaptation measures use a gender sensitive lens.
It is in this context that The Climate Conscious Podcast and The Breadfruit Collective, with kind support from the Open Society Foundations, have partnered to host the CW4CJ virtual conference. The event coincides with Earth Day 2022 being celebrated under the theme: Invest in our planet. It is also fitting to focus the conversation on the intersection of Gender, Environment and Climate Justice from a Caribbean perspective, by and for Caribbean people.
The Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Conference aims to:
  1. Convene stakeholders to discuss the intersection of Environment, Gender and Climate in the Caribbean
  1. Improve awareness and visibility of Climate and Gender issues particularly relevant to Women & Girls in the Caribbean
  1. Propose strategies, solutions and policy positions for mainstreaming Climate & Gender justice in the Caribbean
  1. Initiate a regional alliance of partners and key actors for Climate & Gender Justice, establishing a solid network for collaboration and influencing public policy and actions.
On the schedule for the conference will be Ayesha Constable as the keynote speaker, a series of panel discussions, screening of Caribbean environmental films and a child-centered activity.