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About us

Innovating for a more equitable world

As one of the leading socio-environmental consultancy practices in the English-speaking Caribbean region, we work with clients and stakeholders to craft pathways that deliver equality and sustainability.

Our goal is to promote and build a critical mass of work, thought, and action that eliminates the silo-ing of gender justice from environmental and climate-related justice issues.

We achieve this through:

  • Gender and socio-environmental analysis & literature/ evidence review 
  • Strategic advice including policy advisory and advocacy
  • Gender equality and socio-environmental research, M&E, and communication 
  • Technical capacity building/training & support 

Based in Barbados, in the Southern Caribbean, our work is global. We count amongst our clients other consulting firms, UN agencies, governments, universities, and more.

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Our Story

After 20+ years of working in development, including over a decade working within the UN system, Leisa Perch founded SAEDI Consulting (Barbados) Inc, drawing on her international experience to make an impact closer to home, working on issues related to Caribbean SIDS — small island developing states. 

As an international development expert, Leisa has worked across the globe, from Latin America to Africa to Asia on issues including climate change, poverty reduction, livelihoods, gender equality policy, inclusive green growth, green economy, and gender mainstreaming.

A leading agency in the Caribbean, SAEDI creates socio-environmental solutions to build a more sustainable, inclusive world. SAEDI (‘Ideas’ backwards) is inspired by the countless actors who put it all on the line every day for community and global development and aims to turn ideas on their head. 

We believe that gender, though complex, should be understandable and manageable for stakeholders. With an in-house team of experts in gender, environment, and sustainability, SAEDI Consulting (Barbados) Inc is well-positioned to navigate these complexities on behalf of a diverse set of global clients.


Meet our excellent team

Meet our Excellent team

SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Leisa Perch
Leisa Perch
CEO & Founder
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Donna Allman
Donna Allman
People & Systems Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Cynthia González
Cynthia González
Executive Assistant
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Tanya Wragg-Morris
Tanya Wragg-Morris
Research Analyst
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Sara Lavell
Sara Lavell
Research Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Jacqueline Massiah-Simeon
Jacqueline Massiah-Simeon
Research and Gender & Social Development Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Kwasi Pierre
Kwasi Pierre
Junior Research Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Asha Maharaj
Asha Maharaj
Research Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Adrian Bynoe
Adrian Bynoe
Communications & Events Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Firhaana Bulbulia
Firhaana Bulbulia
Gender-Sensitive Communications Associate
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Dr Reynold Murray
Dr Reynold Murray
Environmental consultant
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Karen Lang
Karen Lang
SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc: Jerome Agostini
Jerome Agostini
Graphic designer