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About us

We are for people-smart solutions

SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc is a boutique consultancy practice delivering solutions to clients and communities which bridge social and environmental policy.

Our niche area of work is the intersection between gender and the environment.

One of the leading gender & environment consultancy practices in the English-speaking Caribbean region, we work with clients and stakeholders to craft pathways that deliver equality and sustainability.

Saedi Consulting

Our Story

SAEDI Consulting has grown out of the experiences of its founder/lead consultant building from her experiences working in and for government, working at the OAS on climate change back in the late 1990s and more than a decade of service in the UN System.

SAEDI (ideas backwards) seeks through its approach to underscore that there are many angles and lenses to any problem, and everything starts with ideas and notions.

As our logo suggests, development has no purpose without people, and people have no purpose without development.

Inspired by countless actors and stakeholders who put it all on the line every day for national, community and local development, we seek to understand and enhance their work, refine lessons learnt and best practice and then elevate that work as relevant to our solution-making process.

Where or when we see unique initiatives, we seek to spotlight them in reports and case studies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the premier solution provider in this space in the Caribbean, promoting and building a critical mass of work, thought and action that eliminates the silo-ing of gender justice from environmental justice.

Our work goes beyond the social, digging deep into questions of why and how patterns of vulnerability, precarity and fragility persist and shape the lives of so many in the Caribbean and the Global South.

Our Vision

Our vision for the world is one where gender holds neither men nor women back from their full purpose, including their role as environmental actors and decision-makers.

We envision a Wakanda-style, active and just equality in action. We shine a spotlight on the need to ensure that gender-based violence is not a barrier to women’s active participation and leadership in environmentally sustainable actions.

Based in Barbados, in the Southern Caribbean, our work is global.

We count amongst our clients other consulting firms, UN agencies, universities and more.

Saedi Consulting

We take on Wicked Problems.


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